“Coach Will literally saved my life.”

– Rob Lalain, lost 140 pounds on Will’s 90 Day Challenge

Wanting to be there for your family, striving for a better quality of life, and having a desire for overall well-being are just some of the reasons for wanting to lose weight; but finding a reliable weight loss method can be difficult and confusing, which more often than not leads to discouragement and failure.

With Will’s 90 Day Challenge, you won’t be overwhelmed with deciphering diet fads and workout routines, instead, you’ll have a clear and proven weight loss plan that is not only effective and safe, but simple too, with someone who will keep you accountable every step of the way.

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Our Principles


No treadmill? No problem. With Will’s 90 Day Challenge there’s no need for expensive equipment. All that’s required is 30 minutes per day (15 minutes in the morning & at night) and a set of stairs.


If you’re serious about weight loss, change starts in the kitchen. No pre-made or processed foods, just simple, easy to follow meal plans, made with real food, catered to you. Attack each day, one meal at a time.


Perhaps the biggest challenge for anyone trying to lose weight is being held accountable. Daily check-ins will keep you honest and on track to meeting your weight loss goal.


These are our Stories…..

Jennifer and Todd Baker’s Story

Jennifer Baker

“Putting a life changing experience into words is a hard thing to do. My husband (Todd) excitedly came home to explain this challenge to me, I was a bit skeptical to say the least, but this program has been a transcending experience for us both.
“To be able to put in the hard work and see results right away is such a huge motivator. I am so excited to have lost 48lbs in 90 days and Todd has lost 34lbs. The unbelievable thing is that we could have lost more, but chose to take a few breaks due to fun events we had planned.

Todd Baker

“We can’t thank Will enough for creating this plan and most of all for his support during this 90 days. Not only have we lost the weight but we have gained the knowledge and confidence to keep it off and keep going.” — Jennifer Baker


Rocco Before & After
Rocco Pollifrone’s Story
Start Weight: 235.2 lbs.
End Weight: 195.0 lbs.
Total Weight Loss: 40.2 lbs.
“I have always been concerned about my health and staying active. When I was young and participating in fun sporting activities, getting exercise happened by default. As I have aged, now in my 50’s, it is increasingly easy to become lazy. One morning I decided that it was time to make a lifestyle change.
“Will and I have known and coached together for years. I knew some of his background in nutrition and fitness, but had no idea the wealth of knowledge he retains. I witnessed first hand people in the middle of their 90 Day Challenge and I saw their successes.
“I decided to start Will’s program with a target weight that I haven’t seen since college. Folks, this program works. Is it easy? No; but it’s not difficult either. Will is there every day, for every lost pound, coaching, answering questions, motivating and tweaking the plan. Now that I have met my target weight, interestingly enough, I still crave the foods and daily schedule that delivered the results. This is not a diet or quick weight loss plan, it’s a lifestyle change.
“Will, I want to sincerely thank you for time & energy you spent with me on this journey. I will forever be grateful and strongly recommend your amazing 90 challenge concept.” — Rocco Pollifrone
Mitar Rudanovic’s Story
Start Weight: 306 lbs
End Weight: 242 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 64 lbs
“If you told me I would lose over 60 pounds by eating clean and walking stairs for 20minutes twice a day in 90 days, I would have told you no way … Boy was I surprised!
“Will’s 90 day challenge absolutely rocked my world.  I was struggling with weight loss for years after college. My appetite was always big due to my background in Division 1 competitive football. Also, while playing I suffered from a sickness that ended my career. In that process I gained weight and loss the motivation to stay fit due to not being able to do the physical exercises that I was accustomed to.
“A few years passed on and I would eat anything in sight and not pay attention to what I was eating. One day my younger brother sent me a message that he was 235 and went through a body transformation (using Will’s 90 Day Challenge). He sent me the picture and I was sold. I didn’t care how much it cost because I saw what happened to my brother and I said to myself, ‘I am doing this.’ I asked what he did, and he said Will changed his life. He really encouraged me and my family came around as well to support it.
“I started off at 306 pounds and it was ugly. I always thought I carried it well being a larger guy with a larger frame. Little did I know what I really was doing to my body. So I began the journey and after a few weeks it was unbelievable. I was literally melting.  Today at the end of the 90 days I weighed in at 242 pounds. I had lost 64 pounds on Will’s plan and it has affected every area of my life. I had to go buy a smaller wardrobe instead of larger one.
“Many people have come to me saying how great I look.  They ask me how. I tell them, ‘hard work and one meal at a time.’  It was a long road but an absolutely successful one.  If you put the work in, you get the results. You will reap what you sow. Guaranteed!  Thank you, Will, for changing my life.” — Mitar Rudanovic
Tom O’Connor’s Story
“Because of your help, holding me accountable, and making sure I never gave up, I lost over 44 pounds on your program.
“I now have the drive that I used to have and the energy to live life and not watch it go by. Since I started this I have realized how bad I was living and what I was actually doing to my body. Thank you for introducing your program to me and inspiring me to continue.
“I have more to weight to loose and I will continue to work hard at this lifestyle change. There have been many benefits to this journey, but one of the best is that I am no longer dependent on any medications! My doctor has given me the okay to discontinue all four medications that I was on. What a great feeling.
“Thank you again and I look forward to staying on course with my new lifestyle.” — Tom O’Connor
Mark Bennett’s Story
“Will you changed – and saved – my life. I’m 56 years old and my weight and lifestyle was simply out of control. I was up to 318 pounds in January of this year. Entirely too much weight to carry and no clothes fit at all.
“I was on vacation for winter break with my family and Will’s 90 Day Challenge appeared on my sons phone. After having to stop throwing a baseball with my son because my hip and back hurt,I said to my son,’I can do anything for 90 days.’ So on February 27th the adventure began.
“To date I’ve lost over 30 lbs and never felt better. I’ve learned how to balance my lifestyle to eat better and exercise on a regular basis. I’m eating better, sleeping better, working better, and wearing clothes I haven’t worn in 2 years.
“I’ve still got work to do to hit my ultimate goal weight, but now I have a plan and understand how to execute it. Thanks so much. You have changed my life.” — Mark Bennett.
Laura Richards Phimister’s Story
“I began my weight loss journey with Will’s 90 day Challenge on February 27, 2017. I was excited and eager to learn a new approach to losing weight as I tried a ton of other ways in my past (Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Medical Weight Loss, Nutrisystem and more!).
“My diet and exercise plan was designed specifically for me and my body type and how much I wanted to lose. I was skeptical at first because of the disappointment I experienced in the past with the other plans that promised to deliver, and failed. I can testify that Will’s plan work’s!!
“The amount of cardio (stairs) that I had to do was totally doable and helped me with my mental health and energy. Learning how to eat ‘clean’ has proven to be a positive in my household and now I am teaching my sons how to eat the right way too!
“Everyday Will held me accountable for what I was doing. He would “tweak” things if they weren’t working and add things to only help me succeed. With his encouragement and belief in me that I could do this…I did!
“From February 27 through May 27, 2017, I lost 30 pounds! All within 90 days!! I totally recommend Will’s 90 day Challenge!
“Thank you for believing in me Will!” — Laura (Richards) Phimister
Steve Minier’s story
“I am not usually someone that posts anything, but I feel that this is news I need to share. After listening to my son talk about a guy that he worked with making major changes in people’s health, my wife and I decided to give it a try. So in March 2017, we contacted Will at Wills 90 Day Challenge and on March 13, I began my journey with him.
“My weight had been out of control for many years, I was on blood pressure medicine and accepted that this was part of my life, heavy and on medications. Just three weeks into my journey, I was able to come off my blood pressure medicine and this confirmed for me that I was on the right path. 75 days into the plan, I had my annual physical and my doctor was amazed by the changes in my cholesterol and so was I. He said I had the blood work of an 18-year-old.
“My job requires me to travel and even makes it more difficult to maintain a healthy diet, but the tools provided by Will allowed me to still eat healthy, still exercise and make the right choices. With daily communication with Will and some plan changes to meet the changing dietary requirements, Will closely monitored and provided the guidance which helped me lose 73 lbs. over a 5 month period.
“How do you thank someone who has made such a major impact in your life in such a short time? THANK YOU Coach Will for giving me many healthier years and the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am truly a believer in this program and will absolutely promote it with family, friends, or to anyone who asks.” — Steve Minier
Mike Mumford
“I started my 90 day challenge on June 6, 2017. Weighing in at 322 lbs., I had finally come to the end of myself. I was unhappy with how I felt, how I looked and sick of feeling tired and lifeless. I decided it was time to change. I had heard about Will from a mom on our baseball team and I reached out to him.
“From the beginning Will was honest, forthright and very direct. I liked every part of what he said. The challenge was easy to understand and easy to follow. I had done weight loss by doing something similar years ago that resulted in remarkable weight loss, but it was not a sustainable way to live and did nothing to help me understand my personal relationship with food.
“Very quickly, I learned that ‘I was empty, not hungry’ and I began to understand how to eat clean and combine that clean eating with the right amount of exercise. Will’s 90 day challenge is not easy, but Will has put every thought into every excuse you can think of and has come up with a solution for each.
“At the end of my 90 days I had lost 55 pounds and looked and felt so much better. I completed the program during the busiest part of the Summer which included playing in four golf tournaments, taking a ten day camping trip with my family and living the life of a start up business owner with four busy kids.
“Anyone can do this. Will is an excellent coach and helped me on my ‘journey’ every day. I now understand how bad my relationship with food had been. To me, this wasn’t about looking better or really feeling better. This was about being a good steward with the life and health that I have been given and hopefully to sustain with my new knowledge and behavior. Thank you, Will for your help and the continued encouragement you still provide.” — Mike Mumford
Ashley Trzaskos’ Story
the past to lose weight I would work out every morning hard for 1 hour and eat generally healthy throughout the day with no weight loss. I have tried no carbs, shakes only, fasting, etc”In . This challenge taught me that I am more powerful and in tune with my body than I thought I was. It also taught me that food is simply fuel. While I like food that tastes good – and I crave food – I don’t need those foods every day. I needed a plan that would stop those cravings and get me to the physical health I knew I was capable of.
“Overall, I have lost 30 pounds. I have stopped craving sweets, and when I do indulge, it’s a few bites and I feel satisfied. It taught me that I needed to eat MORE to lose weight not less, and MORE of the RIGHT foods! It also taught me that my body sleeps better, functions better, and looks better without alcohol and with natural, whole foods.
“I recommend Will’s program because it works! And, I’ve tried them all. It is hard to eat the same foods and give up sweets, refined carbs, sugar and alcohol, but, after the second week, your cravings are gone, you realize that food is just fuel and that abs truly do start in the kitchen. I will keep going on this plan, I still want to lose another 10 pounds and now I know how to do it and the confidence is great and well worth the investment.
“Will has changed my life forever!” — Ashley Trzaskos
Sean Zayas
“At 217 pounds, I could hardly breathe long enough to bend over to tie my shoes, my big belly choking off my air.  To get shirts that fit my neck and stomach, I had to buy them with sleeves an inch too long. I always felt full but never satisfied. Heartburn set in after almost every meal. Maybe worst of all, I started looking and feeling older and more tired by years. To put my feet on the floor every morning caused my bones to ache, and I started walking slightly stooped, like a little old man. I certainly did not feel good about myself. I was only 45.
“I have known Will for 30 years. I knew that he has always been a man of integrity, discipline, and with an amazing work ethic. When I started reading testimonials on Facebook from others who had been through Will’s 90 Day Challenge, I knew I had to find out his approach to weight loss and health. I committed to the Challenge without knowing much of what I would be doing. I was both excited and desperate, motivated to reverse the poor lifestyle choices I had been making the previous 3-4 years. I freely admit that when I first saw Challenge details in writing, including my meal plan, I was both intimidated and discouraged. I was so used to eating whatever I wanted, and so sedentary and out of shape, that I feared that I could not get through a week, let alone 90 days.
“Desperately wanting to save myself from the downward health spiral I was in, and also not wanting to let down my old friend, I powered through the Challenge. The first week was really hard. The second week was quite difficult, but easier than the first. The first 30 days, in fact, were a tremendous challenge, which is why I think the program is named very well. It is not easy to undo even just a couple of years of bad habits.
“But Will was there. He helped motivate and encourage me, keeping me focused and pointed in the right direction. Together we found the humor in both the achievements and minor setbacks, and kept moving forward. As the pounds continued to drop and I grew stronger, healthy, and happier by the week, the Challenge started to morph from an internal struggle to a lifestyle change which my body freely accepted. When I started, I could not see myself making it. Long before the 90 days was up, I could not imagine going back to eating garbage and laying around the house like a sack of flour.
“In my case, I had some unrelated health issues that slowed my progress a little in the last 30 days. Will kept me focused and continued to work with me to try to compensate for the setbacks that cropped up in those few weeks. We got through. We finished. We prevailed.
“At the end of the Challenge, I weighed in at 187 pounds. I had lost exactly 30 pounds.  The weight loss was so profound that even some of my old skinny clothes from 3-4 years ago were loose and ill-fitting. The large shirts and 36 inch waist pants that I had bought in the last couple years are now all but useless. I can practically run up and down stairs without gasping for air or breaking a sweat. When my feet hit the floor in the morning, they no longer ache.  I walk upright, proud, and full of energy and regained confidence.
“Maybe best of all, I cannot eat the way I used to eat. My mind and body have reset themselves. If I eat anything off the plan, so to speak, my energy decreases and my stomach feels lousy. To sit down and dig into a pizza or a bag of potato chips is highly unappetizing. My body wants the good foods that Will reintroduced me to, not the rubbish that made me fat, old, arthritic and out of shape.
“I cannot thank Will enough for partnering with me! He might have given me years more of my life back to me. If you want your life and your body back, take the Challenge.  You won’t regret your investment in yourself.” — Sean Zayas
Stacy Price
“I was in need of some way to lose weight. I had tried several other means to not much success. I read a testimony on Facebook of a friend that had gone through Will’s 90 Day Challenge. Her results were great and the process seemed just what I was looking for.
“I read more information on the web page and knew this was for me. The plan let me know what I could eat and when. There was no figuring out what I needed or when I could or couldn’t eat. When I needed a change to my plan, I texted Will, and he was there with an alternative. Will was there with me the whole time. He was available via text all the time.
“I appreciated his honesty and his explanations. Will’s encouragement was outstanding and helped me through those rough days. What I learned from this journey was my body is a machine that needs to be fed to work at an optimum level. Feeding our body every two to three hours allows our body to keep working, burn calories and function properly. This was something I was not doing prior as I would eat breakfast and then not eat again until 1 or 2 in the afternoon due to my job.
“This process taught me the importance of eating and the portion sizes that are right for me. I have continued my plan even though I have been done with Will for two months. I do know that if I ever have a question that I could text him and he would help me out. Will’s true goal is to make all people healthy.” — Stacy Pric
Janice Miller
“I had waited decades to have the wedding of my dreams, perfectly planned and orchestrated to the last cue, and even started saving up nearly ten years prior to getting engaged or even dating “The One.” When the time finally came to find the perfect dress, it happened exactly like a dream – I had tried on countless dresses to find the top two contenders, and from somewhere in the rafters the sales associate brought down a gorgeous creation that landed us all in tears of joy when I tried it on. And as cliché as it sounds, it was a truly extraordinary experience.
“Everything was practically perfect until my first dress fitting for alterations.
Even though it fit perfectly when I purchased it only a few months back, my fairytale gown WOULD NOT zip up! I felt like a sweaty sardine in a can, barely able to breathe, recoiling in horror when the well-meaning seamstress gently poked at my rib cage saying, “need to lose there.” Reality hit that I needed to lose about twenty pounds, and FAST, as the wedding was nearly two months away. But how…?
“Fate intervened as I was venting my frustration to my massage therapist, when she excitedly told me about a program that could help me. She had just enrolled in the program herself, only a week before, and was already seeing results. The program was Will’s 90 Day Challenge, and she directed me to Facebook where I met Coach Will Tofilski. I needed to lose weight in 60 days, so I was an unusual case, but Coach Will accepted me into the program, confident that we could achieve my weight loss goals with an aggressive plan combining strict food intake and exercise.
“I wasn’t sure the plan would work for me, as I have a plethora of food allergies and must also eat a nonstandard low foodmap diet. The beauty of Coach Will’s program is that he customizes every meal plan to your individual needs, and mine required a host of substitutions from the norm. But after a short period of trial and error, we found one that worked for me, and it was game on!
“Now this plan was not easy, as I was super busy at work and also planning my upcoming wedding, so finding time to prep meals and exercise every day was extremely difficult. I admit I was extremely skeptical at first. But where there’s a (coach) Will, there’s a way, and he was adamant that he could help me fit into my exquisite wedding dress comfortably. I cringed at the thought of weighing in daily; however, when I stepped on the scale the second day, I was surprised I had already lost half a pound! Coach Will encouraged me every morning, answered all my incessant questions, and inspired me to tackle the challenge wholeheartedly. My initial skepticism quickly melted into sheer determination, backed by solid evidence the plan was working. With Coach Will holding me accountable for my gains and losses, I finally believed we could achieve this goal together.
“I carved out time on the weekends for meal prep, froze measured portions for easy assembly, and even brought my own food on trips as needed. I discovered that orange roughy is the tastiest fish on the planet, and can be prepared without using any oils or salt while still maintaining perfect flavor and texture. I found that eating large meals three times a day doesn’t cut it, as our bodies need sustained fuel throughout the day, and cutting portions and eating more often kicked my metabolism into high gear.
“In 30 days I lost ten pounds, and there is no better motivator than seeing concrete results. I had my second dress fitting, and this time the dress zipped up! However, I still could not breathe normally, so knew I had more work to do. After all, I wanted to enjoy every moment of my wedding day, not count the minutes until I could breathe again.
When I had my third and final fitting a week before the wedding, I could breathe easy, and didn’t want to lose any more weight for fear of the dress then becoming too loose! What an amazing feeling that was! At that point I worked with Coach Will to maintain my weight, and he adjusted my food and exercise program to suit this new goal.
“In all honestly, this was one of the most difficult goals I’ve ever accomplished; however, my hard work and dedication paid off in dividends, boosting my emotional health along with my physical. Not only did I fit into my dream dress as comfortable as anything in my closet, but also I received so many compliments, as I developed a waistline that I hadn’t seen since college! This entire journey allowed me to thoroughly enjoy my wedding day and truly love my wedding photos without an ounce of self-criticism. I will treasure them always.
“Thank you, Coach Will, for helping me have the best wedding day ever!” — Janice Miller
Julie Gerzich
Julie Gerzich’s Story
“Coach Will helped me find my way to eating healthy and all that it entails. Some days… I hated him for it. He told me from the start that there would be no cheating or deviating off of the plan and that it would be a complete lifestyle change. He wasn’t kidding. He said if I did cheat, he was done working with me.
“I tested his patience (I am sure) on occasions. I battled everything some days. EVERYTHING! I wanted to change things. But he stood his ground. He wouldn’t listen to my crap excuses, because he knew they were just that. He was firm with me. But some days he would be that ear that I needed. I just wanted someone to know how hard it was for ME. Just me. Not everyone else. He reminded me to take one step at a time. One meal at a time.
“That first day was exciting. I was hungry, but it was exciting. I was lucky enough to have a coworker to do the plan with so we became each other’s cheerleaders. I quickly learned that right after lunch, when I was used to stuffing my face and being FULL, I was cranky!! I was for the first week and a half. But then it started to slowly fade and my body got used to this plan. I was getting full off of each meal. I always thought I needed to eat as much food as my stomach could hold. Well, that is what my head told me.
“That first week, I felt a difference. I was finally eating healthy. My body felt cleaner and happier. I could move easier. Don’t get me wrong, some days… I HATED the plan. I HATED the food. I HATED having to eat all the time. But I kept going because I saw the results. I felt them. Will was always there for me too. Sometimes, I just needed someone to explain what the food and plan was doing for my body. Or for someone to tell me to buck up and just do it!
“When this plan started I didn’t understand why I needed to text someone everyday and tell them my weight… I get it now. When I would see that I only lost .5 pounds, Will would remind me that I was doing great. It doesn’t all come off at once. It’s a process. And after 90 days I lost 50 pounds! I still have a ways to go, but I know how to do it now.
“I recommend this plan to people who have a hard time grasping what it is to eat right and all that it entails. This plan taught me to take care of myself. This plan works!” — Julie Gerzich
Austin Conway’s Story
“52 Pounds in 90 days! Will is a great person to work with. The plan he sets you up with is very easy to follow. Will is always open to answer any questions and help you to your goal. Wills program sets you up for success.
“I was never hungry on the diet and always full. I am very happy with the results. Will understands the challenge of a changing schedule. I appreciated his honesty and coaching.
“This process taught me the importance of eating and the portion sizes that are right for me. I have continued on the plan even after being done with the 90 day challenge. Will wants you to be healthy!” — Austin Conway
Peggy Minier’s Story
“Recently I celebrated the end of my journey with Will. It took me 53 weeks and I lost 75 lbs!!! I am not Will’s typical client that lost their weight in the expected 90 days, but nothing about my journey was typical. I became Will’s challenge.
“When I started out along with my husband, Will warned me that we all have different journey’s and no two are the same. He said that men lose quicker and women are built to retain fat. I soon began to hate my husband’s journey as his number in the weight loss were leaving mine in the dust, but I would soon find out that it is not just about the numbers on the scale and Will’s motto, ‘It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon,’rang true.
“From the beginning my weight loss was extremely slow and after 2 weeks Will had to already tweak my plan. I began to worry that Will would drop me from the program and even voiced my concern to him. He told me if I give 100% commitment to him, he would do the same for me. Through every holiday, birthday, anniversaries, wedding showers and any other celebration that you can think of throughout the year. I was 100 percent true to the plan. I found that some people get very uncomfortable if you are not eating what they are. Some even try to sabotage you. Not sure if they would do that to someone that was an alcoholic by offering them a drink. But really that is what I was with food….I liked to over indulge in the bad stuff.
“My biggest achievement on this journey came 79 days in. I had decided to go in for my physical,  after putting it off for years. I had my cholesterol checked and my results were nothing short of amazing. My total cholesterol went from 240 to 158, and the same results across the board for the rest of the tests. For me, this was all the proof I needed that this plan was making me healthy on the inside and outside.
“The program was easy to follow,  get up in the morning, weigh yourself,  text Will, do your stairs and eat every 2.5 hours. My husband and I would prepare all our food for the week on Sunday and that way there would not be an excuse for having to eat off plan. The cardio sounds simple and it is,  but it is not easy. In the beginning you walk up and down your stairs for 15 minutes. I swear I died on the stairs in the beginning and was out shopping for a ranch and thinking putting an elevator in my house. Still the weight just dripped off, drop by drop. Sometimes there were no drops, and sometimes there were gains. But they started to add up. My body started to form a rhythm.
“Every 4 weeks it would progress would stop and Will would have to adjust my meal plan and/or activity. There would be points where I hated him, but his constant texts and call of encouragement kept me motivated. At times the slow pace was super frustrating, but Will always was there for me. This is where I would have quit on previous plans.  Will’s support kept me going. Let me tell you, if you think you are going to get someone that falls for your whining or complaining, this is not the guy. If I started to even give a hint of complaining, he would say ‘suck it up.’ Yes, I did want to punch him and told him that, but I would not be where I am right now, if he wasn’t like that. I learned that Will was not a crutch, but was a guide to direct me on where to go and what to do. I will forever be grateful to Will for all he has done for me.
“I highly recommend Will’s 90 challenge to anyone that is serious about getting healthy and losing weight in the process. His passion in what he does, gives you results.” — Peggy Minier