Heather Burnside’s Story

Starting weight: 140 lbs
End weight: 119 lbs
Total weight loss: 21 lbs
Program duration: 60 days

I didn’t have a lot to lose, but that stubborn 10-15 pounds wasn’t going anywhere. I had thought I was doing all the right things: eating well, working out, etc., but the weight wasn’t going anywhere – unless I was gaining more.

I was I initially a bit skeptical when I started working with Will because I thought I already knew what I needed; however, within a few days I was already seeing more progress than I had seen since I had my kids. He knew just how much protein, carbs and fats I needed based on my weight and body fat percentage.

The straight forward eating plan, workout plan, and reliable one-on-one consultations through text or phone throughout the process helped me reach my goal weight–in plenty of time for my sister’s wedding.

I kept on the plan after that as well, losing an additional few more pounds. I have been done with the challenge for 8 months now, and I have maintained my weight with Will’s insight and suggestions. I feel more confident and healthy, and I have Will to thank!

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