Tom O’Connor is already experiencing amazing health benefits on the 90 Day Challenge

Tom is a perfect example that success isn’t always in the numbers. Since beginning the program on February 26, Tom has lost nearly 20 pounds (with a start weight of 276), which is great in and of itself, but below you’ll see that in just a few weeks time, the health benefits he’s received from taking the 90 Day Challenge exceed the number on the scale:

“Upon starting the 90 day challenge, I found myself realizing how out of shape I had become. I have always been active and athletic but as the years progressed, I slowed down.  Working with Will was something that I knew would be a challenge, but with two boy’s in high school and involved in football and baseball, I could not let them see me fail.

“Now, I have a long way to go, I’m just over three weeks into the program and have lost over 17 pounds. I’m telling this now because what comes next is something that I did not expect to happen so fast. As it falls, I had my annual physical with my primary care doctor and because of my weight loss, positive blood results, and the 90 Day Challenge, I had some unexpected changes. Over the last few years, I was prescribed two high blood pressure medications, a cholesterol medication and a nerve medication. On top of that, I have to wear a CPAP machine at night for restless sleep and snoring. I am happy to say – and very surprised – my doctor has taken me off of all of my medications except one very low dose of high blood pressure pill. This drug is expected to be removed after my follow up appointment in June. The other early surprise, not only to me but my wife, is that I do not have to wear my CPAP mask either. My snoring has stopped and my nightly rest is much more efficient than it ever was.

“Like I said, I have a long way to go, but my drive to continue this program is right in front of me! I’m doing something that I could not have done on my own. Sticking to the plan, constant communication with Will, and my drive to reach my goals are all factors that will see me through to the end.” — Tom O’Connor

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