Kaitlyn West: “Working with Will is a journey and not a destination.”

“How to best describe my experience working with Will is as a journey and not a destination. The ride is rough, but it’s the accountability and his motivation that reminded me of my goals. This journey has taught me more than I ever realized about the purpose of food and how much so many of us blindly put into our bodies without actually realizing it. This experience has caused me to crave a clean diet (unless it is a special occasion on a weekend). Aside from the nearly 30 lbs I’ve lost and the two pant sizes I dropped, I have gained confidence, left behind the feeling of hopelessness and loneliness, gained clarity into healthy habits, and understand good substitutes for unhealthy foods. I’ve experienced zero bloating and heartburn from food, have slept wonderfully, and my skin lookKaitlyn West Before & Afters radiant.

“During the strict plan I never felt hungry because the frequent eating schedule curbed cravings and every time I felt hungry it was about time for my next meal! The plan works because it is tried and true. There is no gimmick here. If you want the results you will have to work for it. The work is more mental than physical, but the accountability of having an encouraging text message in the morning with Coach Will always kept me pushing for my goals.

“I still have another 15 lbs I am working on losing, but I had to post this progress and give a hats off to him because what Will did for me in the past 3.5 months was something I could only dream of for the past 13 years. The gratitude I have isn’t adequately described in words, knowing he’s always on my side and pushing me, dedicated to modifying my dietary plan when needed, and helping hold me accountable for my own goals I set because I finally want those results more than I want the instant gratification of whatever food sounds good.

“In a heartbeat I would recommend this plan to anyone interested in living a healthier lifestyle and also dropping weight. This guy knows his stuff and he certainly invests quality time and effort into each of his clients!” — Kaitlyn West

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