Rocco Pollifrone’s Story

Start Weight: 235.2 lbs.
End Weight: 195.0 lbs.
Total Weight Loss: 40.2 lbs.

Rocco Before & After

“I have always been concerned about my health and staying active. When I was young and participating in fun sporting activities, getting exercise happened by default. As I have aged, now in my 50’s, it is increasingly easy to become lazy. One morning I decided that it was time to make a lifestyle change.

“Will and I have known and coached together for years. I knew some of his back ground in nutrition and fitness, but had no idea the wealth of knowledge he retains. I witnessed firsthand people in the middle of their 90 Day Challenge and I saw their successes.

“I decided to start Will’s program with a target weight that I haven’t seen since college. Folks this program works. Is it easy? No; but it’s not difficult either. Will is there everyday, for every lost pound, coaching, answering questions, motivating and tweaking the plan. Now that I have met my target weight, interestingly enough I still crave the foods and daily schedule that delivered the results. This is not a diet or quick weight loss plan, it’s a life style change.

“Will, I want to sincerely thank you for time & energy you spent with me on this journey. I will forever be grateful and strongly recommend your amazing 90 challenge concept.” — Rocco Pollifrone

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