Julie Gerzich’s Story

Julie Gerzich

“Coach Will helped me find my way to eating healthy and all that it entails. Some days… I hated him for it. He told me from the start that there would be no cheating or deviating off of the plan and that it would be a complete lifestyle change. He wasn’t kidding. He said if I did cheat, he was done working with me.

“I tested his patience (I am sure) on occasions. I battled everything some days. EVERYTHING! I wanted to change things. But he stood his ground. He wouldn’t listen to my crap excuses, because he knew they were just that. He was firm with me. But some days he would be that ear that I needed. I just wanted someone to know how hard it was for ME. Just me. Not everyone else. He reminded me to take one step at a time. One meal at a time.

“That first day was exciting. I was hungry, but it was exciting. I was lucky enough to have a coworker to do the plan with so we became each other’s cheerleaders. I quickly learned that right after lunch, when I was used to stuffing my face and being FULL, I was cranky!! I was for the first week and a half. But then it started to slowly fade and my body got used to this plan. I was getting full off of each meal. I always thought I needed to eat as much food as my stomach could hold. Well, that is what my head told me.

“That first week, I felt a difference. I was finally eating healthy. My body felt cleaner and happier. I could move easier. Don’t get me wrong, some days… I HATED the plan. I HATED the food. I HATED having to eat all the time. But I kept going because I saw the results. I felt them. Will was always there for me too. Sometimes, I just needed someone to explain what the food and plan was doing for my body. Or for someone to tell me to buck up and just do it!

“When this plan started I didn’t understand why I needed to text someone everyday and tell them my weight… I get it now. When I would see that I only lost .5 pounds, Will would remind me that I was doing great. It doesn’t all come off at once. It’s a process. And after 90 days I lost 50 pounds! I still have a ways to go, but I know how to do it now.

“I recommend this plan to people who have a hard time grasping what it is to eat right and all that it entails. This plan taught me to take care of myself. This plan works!” — Julie Gerzich

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