Jennifer and Todd Baker’s Story

Jennifer Baker

“Putting a life changing experience into words is a hard thing to do. My husband (Todd) excitedly came home to explain this challenge to me, I was a bit skeptical to say the least, but this program has been a transcending experience for us both.

“To be able to put in the hard work and see results right away is such a huge motivator. I am so excited to have lost 48lbs in 90 days and Todd has lost 34lbs. The unbelievable thing is that we could have lost more, but chose to take a few breaks due to fun events we had planned.Todd Baker

“We can’t thank Will enough for creating this plan and most of all for his support during this 90 days. Not only have we lost the weight but we have gained the knowledge and confidence to keep it off and keep going.” — Jennifer Baker

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