Ashley Trzaskos’ Story

“In the past to lose weight I would work out every morning hard for 1 hour and eat generally healthy throughout the day with no weight loss. I have tried no carbs, shakes only, fasting, etc. This challenge taught me that I am more powerful and in tune with my body than I thought I was. It also taught me that food is simply fuel. While I like food that tastes good – and I crave food – I don’t need those foods every day. I needed a plan that would stop those cravings and get me to the physical health I knew I was capable of.

“Overall, I have lost 30 pounds. I have stopped craving sweets, and when I do indulge, it’s a few bites and I feel satisfied. It taught me that I needed to eat MORE to lose weight not less, and MORE of the RIGHT foods! It also taught me that my body sleeps better, functions better, and looks better without alcohol and with natural, whole foods.

“I recommend Will’s program because it works! And, I’ve tried them all. It is hard to eat the same foods and give up sweets, refined carbs, sugar and alcohol, but, after the second week, your cravings are gone, you realize that food is just fuel and that abs truly do start in the kitchen. I will keep going on this plan, I still want to lose another 10 pounds and now I know how to do it and the confidence is great and well worth the investment.

“Will has changed my life forever!” — Ashley Trzaskos

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