Shannon Lalain on the success of her daughter, Parker, diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes

“When my daughter was in seventh grade she became sick with what we thought would be a regular, run-of-the-mill virus. This virus, however, changed the course of her life forever. Its introduction into her immune system triggered a genetic allele that was in her system since birth just waiting to switch on. I brought my daughter to the doctor one morning run down with a fever from a virus and left ten days later from a hospital with a daughter with Type 1 Diabetes.

“This may not seem relevant to a weight loss challenge testimonial, but I assure you, it is. Before this diagnosis, my daughter was very active and played basketball, volleyball and ran track for her school. After her diagnosis, learning to control constant drops in her blood sugar levels kept her sidelined. She was embarrassed to take her blood sugar in front of friends and to give insulin in public as well. She withdrew and became less active.

“This reduction in activity, which became necessary with her sports as she struggled with dropping blood sugars, caused continually increasing weight. Coinciding with all of this was a transition through puberty, with all of its challenges and, of course, weight gain. Between the seventh grade and her senior year of high school, my daughter had put on over a hundred pounds.

“During these years, she had tried many diets. She had consulted many nutritionists. She even followed a very strict gluten-free diet for eleven months and lost less than ten pounds. As a child with Type 1 Diabetes, she does see her doctor every three months. Endocrinologists are concerned with her blood sugar levels, which have been healthy, but have not offered any help with her weight.

“Over this past year, her uncle, who has struggled with his weight, successfully lost 140 pounds with Coach Will. As a family we watched his transformation and were so happy for him and proud of him. Because of this, my daughter asked me if she could work with Coach Will and try the 90 day challenge. I know my daughter is very determined once she wants something, so I didn’t hesitate to facilitate a meeting. Her uncle gave us the information and she was off.

“I must say, my biggest hesitation was whether or not Coach Will would understand the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes because it is huge and most people do not. The very FIRST thing Coach Will did was research this difference and make absolutely certain that he understood it and that he felt confident that he could work with and help my daughter achieve her goals in a safe and healthy way. I think there were many people who told him not to work with my daughter because of her medical issues, and I’m so thankful he took the chance on her.

“My daughter started her 90 day challenge on May 15, 2017. As of today she has lost 57 pounds! Coach Will has been there every step of the way to encourage her. I could not be more impressed. Coach Will really has offered new hope for my daughter who really had given up on the idea of ever being able to lose weight. Thank you, Coach Will!” — Shannon Lalain

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