Mike Mumford’s Story

“I started my 90 day challenge on June 6, 2017. Weighing in at 322 lbs., I had finally come to the 
end of myself. I was unhappy with how I felt, how I looked and sick of feeling tired and lifeless. I decided 
it was time to change.
 I had heard about Will from a mom on our baseball team and I reached out to him.

“From the 
beginning Will was honest, forthright and very direct. I liked every part of what he said. The 
challenge was easy to understand and easy to follow. I had done weight loss by doing 
something similar years ago that resulted in remarkable weight loss, but it was not a sustainable 
way to live and did nothing to help me understand my personal relationship with food.

 quickly, I learned that ‘I was empty, not hungry’ and I began to understand how to eat clean
 and combine that clean eating with the right amount of exercise.
 Will’s 90 day challenge is not easy, but Will has put every thought into every excuse you can
 think of and has come up with a solution for each.

“At the end of my 90 days I had lost 55
 pounds and looked and felt so much better. I completed the program during the busiest part of 
the Summer which included playing in four golf tournaments, taking a ten day camping trip
 with my family and living the life of a start up business owner with four busy kids.

“Anyone can do this. Will is an excellent coach and helped me on my ‘journey’ every day. I now 
understand how bad my relationship with food had been. To me, this wasn’t about looking
 better or really feeling better. This was about being a good steward with the life and health that
 I have been given and hopefully to sustain with my new knowledge and behavior. Thank you
, Will for your help and the continued encouragement you still provide.” — Mike Mumford

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