Sean Zayas’ Story


“At 217 pounds, I could hardly breathe long enough to bend over to tie my shoes, my big belly choking off my air.  To get shirts that fit my neck and stomach, I had to buy them with sleeves an inch too long. I always felt full but never satisfied. Heartburn set in after almost every meal. Maybe worst of all, I started looking and feeling older and more tired by years. To put my feet on the floor every morning caused my bones to ache, and I started walking slightly stooped, like a little old man. I certainly did not feel good about myself. I was only 45.

“I have known Will for 30 years. I knew that he has always been a man of integrity, discipline, and with an amazing work ethic. When I started reading testimonials on Facebook from others who had been through Will’s 90 Day Challenge, I knew I had to find out his approach to weight loss and health. I committed to the Challenge without knowing much of what I would be doing. I was both excited and desperate, motivated to reverse the poor lifestyle choices I had been making the previous 3-4 years. I freely admit that when I first saw Challenge details in writing, including my meal plan, I was both intimidated and discouraged. I was so used to eating whatever I wanted, and so sedentary and out of shape, that I feared that I could not get through a week, let alone 90 days.

“Desperately wanting to save myself from the downward health spiral I was in, and also not wanting to let down my old friend, I powered through the Challenge. The first week was really hard. The second week was quite difficult, but easier than the first. The first 30 days, in fact, were a tremendous challenge, which is why I think the program is named very well. It is not easy to undo even just a couple of years of bad habits.

“But Will was there. He helped motivate and encourage me, keeping me focused and pointed in the right direction. Together we found the humor in both the achievements and minor setbacks, and kept moving forward. As the pounds continued to drop and I grew stronger, healthy, and happier by the week, the Challenge started to morph from an internal struggle to a lifestyle change which my body freely accepted. When I started, I could not see myself making it. Long before the 90 days was up, I could not imagine going back to eating garbage and laying around the house like a sack of flour.

“In my case, I had some unrelated health issues that slowed my progress a little in the last 30 days. Will kept me focused and continued to work with me to try to compensate for the setbacks that cropped up in those few weeks. We got through. We finished. We prevailed.

“At the end of the Challenge, I weighed in at 187 pounds. I had lost exactly 30 pounds.  The weight loss was so profound that even some of my old skinny clothes from 3-4 years ago were loose and ill-fitting. The large shirts and 36 inch waist pants that I had bought in the last couple years are now all but useless. I can practically run up and down stairs without gasping for air or breaking a sweat. When my feet hit the floor in the morning, they no longer ache.  I walk upright, proud, and full of energy and regained confidence.

“Maybe best of all, I cannot eat the way I used to eat. My mind and body have reset themselves. If I eat anything off the plan, so to speak, my energy decreases and my stomach feels lousy. To sit down and dig into a pizza or a bag of potato chips is highly unappetizing. My body wants the good foods that Will reintroduced me to, not the rubbish that made me fat, old, arthritic and out of shape.

“I cannot thank Will enough for partnering with me! He might have given me years more of my life back to me. If you want your life and your body back, take the Challenge.  You won’t regret your investment in yourself.” — Sean Zayas

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