Will’s 90 Day Challenge

Eating with a purpose:

The most challenging part of Will’s 90 Day Challenge is sticking with the food plan. It’s not a diet, but rather a total lifestyle change, and this part will take a whole lot of will power and dedication; but rest assured, the benefits will be noticeable within days. You’ll feel and look better, making healthy eating more of a reward and less of a chore.

Each meal plan is custom designed to cater to the individual and their needs, and contains three meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and three snacks (morning, mid-day, and evening); almost everyone will have this protein drink in their plan. Everything is made without salt, sugar, oil, and butter; but salt-free seasoning (all Mrs. Dash seasonings) and natural additives (i.e. squeezing a lemon on your fish and vegetables) are allowed. You’ll eat the same food each day at the same time to keep your body fueled and your metabolism at its best.


As with any program, seeing results is what builds confidence, and the gratification that comes from weight loss will be the driving force in your 90 Day journey.

A simple workout plan:

One of the biggest reasons that people don’t workout is because they don’t have the time. Starting a new routine can be exciting at first, but often becomes monotonous.

With Will’s 90 Day Challenge, all you need to do is find 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening to walk up and down a flight of *stairs. You can do this at your home or at work. By breaking this up into two 15 minute workouts, it makes finding time more realistic, and also keeps boredom at bay.

If you’re currently on a workout regiment, or would like to add additional exercise, first discuss this with Will as it can negatively impact your results.

*(Modifications can be made to accommodate those who are unable to use stairs.)

Being held accountable:

Anyone can lose weight. The hard part is staying motivated. That’s where accountability comes in. By having to check-in each morning with your weight, Will can determine if you’re where you need to be, and if you’re not, find out why.

Will has this process down to a science and knows exactly how much weight you should lose each day based on caloric intake and activity, so if something doesn’t seem right, it’s usually due to deviation from the plan. Something as simple as putting salt on your chicken can impact your results. Will’s job is to identify what’s going on and make adjustments as needed as you go along.