Janice Miller’s Story

“I had waited decades to have the wedding of my dreams, perfectly planned and orchestrated to the last cue, and even started saving up nearly ten years prior to getting engaged or even dating “The One.” When the time finally came to find the perfect dress, it happened exactly like a dream – I had tried on countless dresses to find the top two contenders, and from somewhere in the rafters the sales associate brought down a gorgeous creation that landed us all in tears of joy when I tried it on. And as cliché as it sounds, it was a truly extraordinary experience.

“Everything was practically perfect until my first dress fitting for alterations.
Even though it fit perfectly when I purchased it only a few months back, my fairytale gown WOULD NOT zip up! I felt like a sweaty sardine in a can, barely able to breathe, recoiling in horror when the well-meaning seamstress gently poked at my rib cage saying, “need to lose there.” Reality hit that I needed to lose about twenty pounds, and FAST, as the wedding was nearly two months away. But how…?

“Fate intervened as I was venting my frustration to my massage therapist, when she excitedly told me about a program that could help me. She had just enrolled in the program herself, only a week before, and was already seeing results. The program was Will’s 90 Day Challenge, and she directed me to Facebook where I met Coach Will Tofilski. I needed to lose weight in 60 days, so I was an unusual case, but Coach Will accepted me into the program, confident that we could achieve my weight loss goals with an aggressive plan combining strict food intake and exercise.

“I wasn’t sure the plan would work for me, as I have a plethora of food allergies and must also eat a nonstandard low foodmap diet. The beauty of Coach Will’s program is that he customizes every meal plan to your individual needs, and mine required a host of substitutions from the norm. But after a short period of trial and error, we found one that worked for me, and it was game on!

“Now this plan was not easy, as I was super busy at work and also planning my upcoming wedding, so finding time to prep meals and exercise every day was extremely difficult. I admit I was extremely skeptical at first. But where there’s a (coach) Will, there’s a way, and he was adamant that he could help me fit into my exquisite wedding dress comfortably. I cringed at the thought of weighing in daily; however, when I stepped on the scale the second day, I was surprised I had already lost half a pound! Coach Will encouraged me every morning, answered all my incessant questions, and inspired me to tackle the challenge wholeheartedly. My initial skepticism quickly melted into sheer determination, backed by solid evidence the plan was working. With Coach Will holding me accountable for my gains and losses, I finally believed we could achieve this goal together.

“I carved out time on the weekends for meal prep, froze measured portions for easy assembly, and even brought my own food on trips as needed. I discovered that orange roughy is the tastiest fish on the planet, and can be prepared without using any oils or salt while still maintaining perfect flavor and texture. I found that eating large meals three times a day doesn’t cut it, as our bodies need sustained fuel throughout the day, and cutting portions and eating more often kicked my metabolism into high gear.

“In 30 days I lost ten pounds, and there is no better motivator than seeing concrete results. I had my second dress fitting, and this time the dress zipped up! However, I still could not breathe normally, so knew I had more work to do. After all, I wanted to enjoy every moment of my wedding day, not count the minutes until I could breathe again.
When I had my third and final fitting a week before the wedding, I could breathe easy, and didn’t want to lose any more weight for fear of the dress then becoming too loose! What an amazing feeling that was! At that point I worked with Coach Will to maintain my weight, and he adjusted my food and exercise program to suit this new goal.

“In all honestly, this was one of the most difficult goals I’ve ever accomplished; however, my hard work and dedication paid off in dividends, boosting my emotional health along with my physical. Not only did I fit into my dream dress as comfortable as anything in my closet, but also I received so many compliments, as I developed a waistline that I hadn’t seen since college! This entire journey allowed me to thoroughly enjoy my wedding day and truly love my wedding photos without an ounce of self-criticism. I will treasure them always.

“Thank you, Coach Will, for helping me have the best wedding day ever!” — Janice Miller

Tom O’Connor’s Story


“Because of your help, holding me accountable, and making sure I never gave up, I lost over 44 pounds on your program.

“I now have the drive that I used to have and the energy to live life and not watch it go by. Since I started this I have realized how bad I was living and what I was actually doing to my body. Thank you for introducing your program to me and inspiring me to continue.

“I have more to weight to loose and I will continue to work hard at this lifestyle change. There have been many benefits to this journey, but one of the best is that I am no longer dependent on any medications! My doctor has given me the okay to discontinue all four medications that I was on. What a great feeling.

“Thank you again and I look forward to staying on course with my new lifestyle.” — Tom O’Connor

Tom O’Connor is already experiencing amazing health benefits on the 90 Day Challenge

Tom is a perfect example that success isn’t always in the numbers. Since beginning the program on February 26, Tom has lost nearly 20 pounds (with a start weight of 276), which is great in and of itself, but below you’ll see that in just a few weeks time, the health benefits he’s received from taking the 90 Day Challenge exceed the number on the scale:

“Upon starting the 90 day challenge, I found myself realizing how out of shape I had become. I have always been active and athletic but as the years progressed, I slowed down.  Working with Will was something that I knew would be a challenge, but with two boy’s in high school and involved in football and baseball, I could not let them see me fail.

“Now, I have a long way to go, I’m just over three weeks into the program and have lost over 17 pounds. I’m telling this now because what comes next is something that I did not expect to happen so fast. As it falls, I had my annual physical with my primary care doctor and because of my weight loss, positive blood results, and the 90 Day Challenge, I had some unexpected changes. Over the last few years, I was prescribed two high blood pressure medications, a cholesterol medication and a nerve medication. On top of that, I have to wear a CPAP machine at night for restless sleep and snoring. I am happy to say – and very surprised – my doctor has taken me off of all of my medications except one very low dose of high blood pressure pill. This drug is expected to be removed after my follow up appointment in June. The other early surprise, not only to me but my wife, is that I do not have to wear my CPAP mask either. My snoring has stopped and my nightly rest is much more efficient than it ever was.

“Like I said, I have a long way to go, but my drive to continue this program is right in front of me! I’m doing something that I could not have done on my own. Sticking to the plan, constant communication with Will, and my drive to reach my goals are all factors that will see me through to the end.” — Tom O’Connor

Meal Plan: Where do I start?

So you’ve opted in on Will’s 90 Day Challenge! That means you’re armed with a customized meal plan and ready to go, so where should you start when it comes to purchasing food?

With the amount of food you’ll need for each day, and consistently over the next three months, Costco is going to give you the best bang for your buck, and will also limit your trips to the grocery store. If you don’t already have a membership, you should get one. You’ll find pretty much every item on your list, in bulk, and at the best price.

Here are some of the best finds (*Note, these are mostly all organic options. If you chose to get conventional, or farmed fish, prices will be lower):

  1. Organic Chicken Breasts: Coleman Organic Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast is around $5.99/lb. The nice thing here is that the chicken is in three separate pouches, so you can take what you want and freeze the others until you’re ready to cook.
  2. Wild Caught Cod Fillets: You’re going to be eating a lot of white fish over the next few months. Costco’s frozen cod comes in bags with eight individually vacuum sealed fillets for $14.99. You can stock up on fish and then take out as many fillets you want to cook at one time (I suggest cooking three to four in advance), leaving the rest in the freezer. They also have wild caught Mahi Mahi, which is a little pricier at $23.99. It’s nice to rotate between the two to avoid getting bored.
  3. Organic Frozen Broccoli: For four one pound bags of frozen broccoli at $5.99, this is a great deal. Since the large bag is divided into four smaller bags, defrosting to cook is much easier, and the rest will remained sealed until ready for use in the freezer.
  4. Asparagus: Large bags of fresh asparagus (a little over two pounds) are just $3.99.
  5. Organic Berries: Berries are expensive, especially around this time of year. If you go to any other store, you’ll pay around $6-7 on a 6 ounce container of raspberries or blueberries. At Costo you get 18 ounces of organic blueberries for $6.99, organic raspberries for $8.99. If you want to be really economical you can purchase 4 pound bags of organic frozen berries, which are around $10.
  6. Oranges: For an eight pound bag you’ll pay right around $10.
  7. Organic Sweet Potatoes: When they have them, you definitely get the best deal here for organic sweet potatoes. $11.99 for 10 pounds.
  8. Organic Brown Rice: You can purchase a 12 pound bag of Lundberg Farms short grain brown rice for $12.99.
  9. Organic Eggs: You’ll be going through a lot of eggs over the next 90 days. Two dozen organic cage free eggs are just $5.99.
  10. Almonds: For a three pound bag of raw almonds, you’ll pay around $12.
  11. Spices: On Will’s 90 Day Challenge, salt is out, but you can buy large containers of all kinds of pepper, garlic powder, cinnamon, paprika, and Mrs. Dash for around for under $5.
  12. Organic peanut butter: You can get two 28 ounce containers for around $10.

Is this the right plan for you?

Have you ever made an excuse? We all have. Especially when it comes to making major life changes.

We may not realize it at the time, but when we’re faced with big decisions, it’s easy to come up with 100 reasons to stay status quo, because simply put, change is scary.

Being comfortable, though, is problematic. By staying put in our comfort zones we don’t see opportunities clearly, and that applies to deciding on whether we should stay in a job that is restricting our personal growth, or being stuck in a routine that isn’t good for our physical health and overall well-being.

Take a look at your current situation. Chances are you’re here because you want to take control of your weight. Maybe you’ve tried popular diet programs and workout routines, and while some have been successful short-term, most haven’t, and in the end you’re back to where you started: overweight, unhappy, and full of excuses as to why.


Will’s 90 Day Challenge is not for everyone. Many will look at it and give up before they start, because it is a challenge. Yes, you’ll have to eat the same thing everyday. No, you can’t treat yourself at the end of each week. Yes, it will be difficult to go out to dinner and be around others who are enjoying the foods you used to love. But it can be done and it’s not forever.

It’s going to be difficult to battle through those first couple of weeks missing your favorite snacks, seeing everyone around you enjoying any food they chose, but you’ll get over it faster than you think – really. Once your body adjusts to your new meal plan you’ll no longer have sugar cravings, you’ll have more energy, you’ll sleep better, and best of all, you’ll see your results.

Does that sound appealing? It should; but your success is placed solely on you. You’ll need to have the determination and the willpower to get through, and if you can do that, it will pay off. Once you’ve completed the challenge you’ll have a completely different view of nutrition, you’ll look at old photos and wonder who that person is, and most importantly, you’ll have a renewed vigor for life.

So while this program won’t be for everyone, it can be for you. Don’t let excuses hold you back from a healthier body, mind, and total lifestyle transformation.