What spices can I add to my food?

Pepper (black, cayenne, white), cinnamon, onion powder, garlic powder, and any type of Mrs. Dash.

What other than water can I drink?

Black coffee and tea. Make sure not to use any artificial sweeteners.

Can I add hot sauce to my food or cook using butter/oil?

No. If it’s not on your plan, don’t eat it. That simple. Even adding a small amount of sodium or additional fat can alter your results.

What if I’m hungry after a meal, can I eat more?

No. Eat exactly what is on your plan for every meal. If you find that you’re still dealing with hunger after a week, note the time of day and shoot me a text so that we can evaluate.

If I’m not hungry, can I skip a meal?

No. Missing a meal or not eating all your food is a terrible approach to your success, and quite possibly the worst thing you can do on this plan. By missing a meal you force the body to retain the next couple of meals we give it. The next morning you may weigh-in and have a great drop, but the next day you will more than likely weigh the same, or even heavier than the day before.

By not eating all of your food it makes it almost impossible for me to make adjustments to the plan should you hit a road block with your weight loss. If i know exactly what is going in your body, I can make an accurate adjustment to your plan and help you get to your desired goal.

Do I need to eat at the same time everyday?

Yes. Eat every 2.5 to 3 hours. Setting your feeding times and sticking to them is very important to your success as it ensures an expectation from your body. Once it’s trained to expect the nutrients on that schedule it will begin to release stored fat. Make everyday a carbon copy of the day before.

Can I stick to my workout plan, or add additional activity?

Do not do any extra exercise for the first two weeks. Once we have a baseline for how your body is going to react we can add in what you wish, but we’ll have to alter the plan to accommodate the exercise. Even though you would think that more exercise will accelerate your results, it will negatively effect your number when you weigh-in if the meal plans aren’t adjusted. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a race.

Can I eat out at restaurants if I select an “acceptable” option?

Eating out is not ideal. One of my rules is “if you don’t cook it, you shouldn’t eat it.” My clients pack their meals for each day when they’re at work and on the road,  and it should be no different for social obligations. If there is something special in your life going on (i.e. a birthday or black tie event) shoot me a text and we can discuss a healthy approach to this rare occurrence.

How much should I expect to lose everyday? Is every client the same?

Everyone is different, there are so many variables, which is why every meal plan is custom built; However, based on our clientele, women should lose around .4 to .6 pounds per day once the body has established its rhythm. For men, it’s .6 to .8 pounds per day. I can’t guarantee these numbers, but it’s an average of what you should see on your plan.

Do I need to be a local client in Michigan to be on the program?

Nope. Will has clients in New Jersey, California, Iowa, and Ohio. Communication is the key to success and Will is readily available via text, email and phone.