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You’re ready to change your life, so what it’s going to cost?:

The weight-loss market is highly competitive, both in what they promise and what they cost. Everyday there’s a new pill, tea, or shake to help you shed pounds quickly. Some of these require expensive workout equipment or video subscriptions to work in tandem, and they can be successful, but there are a few issues. First, you don’t always know what you’re putting into your body – that’s a problem. Second, these are usually programs that are difficult to maintain. So if you lose 20 pounds, but burn out, those 20 pounds will come back, putting you right back where you started.

With Will’s 90 Day Challenge, you’re looking at a $200 per month fee, not including additional costs for your food. What you’re paying for is what most nutritional programs don’t have: accountability, assessment, and coaching – your plan will be specifically tailored to you.

Once you’ve submitted the initial client questionnaire, we’ll be in touch to set up a more detailed analysis which will also include a client liability waiver.