Karissa King’s Story


“This challenge was by far one of the most mentally demanding things I’ve ever done. I’ve been an athlete all my life and never worried about weight until the past few years where I’ve just watched it creep up. I tried everything and never stuck to it, not to mention I hate any food that is healthy for you.

“Will was there to encourage me and listen to me complain on the hard days, only to tell me ‘it’s just food.’ In the beginning when it was the most crucial time for me (to stick with this or quit) he continued to tell me to only take it one meal at a time which is what I told myself every meal for a while and I’m most certain that’s what got me through it. Will is a great source of knowledge and always let me know that we would hit my goal – which we did!

“With Will’s help I dropped 35 pounds, my body fat percentage went down 5.7% and I lost 4.8 points on my BMI along with losing 24.5 inches all over.

“If you are needing something drastic to get yourself into gear – Will is your guy and this is your program.” — Karissa King