Will Tofilski

After I got out of the United States Marine Corps I did what most young married men do, I started chasing money to provide a home for my family. At that time in my life, I was 25 years old, 165 pounds, and was in very good shape. But over the next 5 years I buried myself on the task of providing a good life for my family, chasing money, and completely quit taking care of myself, which I think everyone can relate to at one time or another.

It was over those five years that I gained 105 pounds, never once considering what I was doing to my overall health. beforewillbio-imageI remember waking up one November morning and walking into the kitchen to see a picture of myself from the Marine Corps on our refrigerator, along with a recently taken photo. My wife had wrote a little note asking “who is this guy?” below it. At first I was taken back by the transformation, and then I began to cry. For anyone who knows me this might come as a complete shock, yes I am a tough guy, and I had never previously cried over something like that, so you can imagine the impact this had on me. When my wife found me on the couch crying she asked why. I told her that I was sorry for not being who I was meant to be and that I was going to fix it.

Because I attack everything in my life with all out effort I told her that come the fall i was going to do a body building show.


Crazy right?

I set goals for myself that people say aren’t possible, and I set up to prove them wrong. I bought every workout book, every nutrition book, and I began my own  journey.

I even hired a nutritionist to help and mentor me, which was very expensive at the time, costing $400 per month.

In August of 1999 I weighed in at 191 pounds for my first body building show. I did it! Over the next 5 years i continued to expand my knowledge on training and nutrition helping other fitness athletes and body builders with their conditioning to get ready for their contests.afterwillbio-image2 Since then I have continued to expand my knowledge in this field and have shared what I have learned with hundreds of people.

As a successful police officer, high school football strength coach, business owner, husband, and father, the last 15 years of being a training and nutrition coach have been eye-opening and life changing.

Helping others transform their lives has truly been a gift. Their success is my success and being a part of their journey is just as important to me as it is to them.